You can still look cute while wearing a backpack

The VAUDE trekking backpack puck kids for kids with 14 liters capacity is available in many bright colors.

These criteria speak for the VAUDE kids backpack puck kids Backpack:


Absolute light weight with just 0.6 k at 14 liters
Perfect for day trips
From 5 years
First-class comfort
Highest quality workmanship
Suitable for everyday use allround backpack
Magnifying glass
Seat mat

The everyday ALLROUNDER children backpack puck is a spacious 14 l volume, equipped with waterproof bottom, seat mat and rain cover and also has a large magnifying glass for the small things of in life.

The following backpack the strengths and weaknesses of children of trekking backpack will test “VAUDE kids backpack puck” pointed out step by step.


The perfect storage space

With a spacious main compartment for all essential things your child, as well as the two side net pockets, a lid pocket with zipper and one inside pocket, the VAUDE backpack offers children puck neat storage space.
Through the device loops the puck 14 can be used also great as a backpack and an all around successful package provide the integrated rain cover and Jacket bracket under the cover.


Best workmanship make it the darling of children

If it’s a kids backpack features should be met:

Good, high quality material
Water repellent
Insensitive to dirt
Best wearing comfort
All these features and more are in the VAUDE kids backpack meets puck.
Best comfort for your child
With reinforced, padded and well laid out shoulder straps, a chest and waist belt, all of which are infinitely adjustable sitting the VAUDE kids backpack puck always comfortably and conveniently on the back of your child.


Beautiful colors, super accessories (raincoat, seat cushions and magnifying glass) and just the right size for budding schoolchildren make VAUDE kids backpack puck ideal for everyday use as well as for smaller trekking or hiking tours. He is in the size, the weight and disposition.

Thanks to the high quality and the extra tools (magnifying glass, seat cushions, rain cover), your child is well equipped.
It would have been just beautiful, it several smaller compartments would be inside.